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In the old days, it was said that that a taxi driver in Buenos Aires could not be familiar with the exact location of the Cabildo – a local landmark - but if you asked him to take you to La Cabaña he would head directly to  Congreso neighborhood.
On September 14th, 1935 Francisco Lapietra opened his restaurant on 400 Entre Ríos Avenue. It was a large Norman-style room seating 450 diners and a private dining room that accommodated 60 people on the first floor. Two stuffed Hereford cows at the restaurant entrance stood as the perfect photo op for tourists who believed that the animals´ tails were lucky charms to be touched.  The restaurant had a six-meter window with three rows of half carcasses hanging from hooks, with Aberdeen Angus at the top, Hereford in the middle and Shorthorn at the bottom, so that guests were free to pick the cut they preferred.  
The restaurant was an immediate success for two types of clientele: those who were looking for a quiet family dinner and those who arrived at late hours after a night out.  The relaxed atmosphere and the icon dish on the menu, the “Delicioso Bife de Chorizo” - Delicious Sirloin Strip Steak - lured people to return time and again.
The restaurant´s guestbook includes the names of the main figures of the 20th century going from Louis Armstrong, Fidel Castro and Charles de Gaulle to Sophia Loren and Charlton Heston.
Every evening, a large number of guests picked La Cabaña to be seen, to enjoy its famous atmosphere and to taste the best beef the world over.  La Cabaña has always been a glamorous place from the day it was established. However, it was the food that made the restaurant famous.
It closed its doors in 1996 and remained so until it was acquired by Orient Express Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels, trains and cruises that reopened it in the exclusive area of Recoleta. Some years later, the restaurant returned to the hands of Argentine owners who have relocated it in the heart of the top restaurant area in Buenos Aires giving it back the cherished essence of the original LA CABAÑA. As it could not have been otherwise, the landscape of La Cabaña includes the Luna Park, Corrientes Avenue and, far back, the Obelisk as well as the lights and modern atmosphere of Puerto Madero. That is exactly the point: renewed passion for our cuisine combined with the best of our history to be continued...


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